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Post Run Results Query

Post by wcrockett » Tue Feb 02, 2016 6:36 pm

Hello All,

I have found some things that kind of address my issue, but it still wasn't clear how to accomplish what I am about to describe. I am using Ranorex, in this project, to automate a form input recursively. Think of it as an automated data input and processing tool, for this. Basically, we use a form to input data. Upon submit, many moving parts go behind the scenes to process the data and the results end up in a table in the DB.

For the main data source, we are using a template in XLSX. The task loops through entering and submitting each row. There are a few values that can be used to query the database for just the results.

How, using custom code, can I read a column in the XLSX data source, generate a c# string value to be used in a 'in' PL/SQL statement, and execute a SQL Query (against an Oracle DB) using that c# string in the where clause?

If this isn't enough info, or is too convoluted, I would be happy to elaborate as needed.

Thank you,