Problem deploying automating script, which use GDI

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Problem deploying automating script, which use GDI

Post by slavikf » Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:21 am

I wrote script, which use GDI plugin. GDI needs to be configured, so on machine, which i use to design script i included needed class to "Window Class Names" list.
Then, i tried to run my script on another machine - Win7 64 bit. So installed trial version of Ranorex on it. And started script. It failed after few steps. Because GDI plugin wasn't working.
So, i went to Spy and changed configuration to include needed class and it worked.
We are planing to purchase additional Floating Run-time license, so we can use just one compiled EXE file on few different machines. And Run-time license doesn't come with Spy. So, how would i use my script in this scenario - it will not work, unless i configure GDI. Can i add classes using some kind of API?

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Re: Problem deploying automating script, which use GDI

Post by Support Team » Mon Apr 04, 2011 11:58 am

Hello Slavik,

there are two possibilities:
  • in the recorder settings dialog you can export the settings and copy that file to your machine with the Ranorex Runtime License. The file location is:

    Code: Select all

  • you can manually edit the RanorexConfig3.xml and add the application for rawtext, e.g.

    Code: Select all

          <include type="process" name="^eclipse$"/>
          <include type="process" name="^MFC_Test$"/>
          <include type="process" name="^avp$"/>
          <include type="process" name="^notepad$"/>
          <include type="process" name="^drawgrid$"/>
          <include type="process" name="^rawtxtmfcgrid$"/>
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