Problem executing Test Suite

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Problem executing Test Suite

Post by wlijo » Fri May 29, 2015 4:00 pm

I´m going to try describe the situation that I have.

The way that I work is:
  • 1. - Create a project (test suite) for each test case with its steps.
    2. - I create a project with the “real” test suite only with a recording module and I add to it the project from the step 1.
    3. - Modify program.cs to execute all the test cases that I’ve created in the step 1. ( I saw this in this post how-to-run-multiple-project-t1666.html (sorry for the link I´m not allowed to post URLs)
The problems that I have are:
  • A. If I want to execute the project from point 3 the program break every time in different test cases
    • *. The way that I found to avoid this problem was creating a .bat file with the different .exe that I can find in “\project\bin\Debug”. I think it is not the right way for this.
    B. The project that I´ve created in the point 1 it can fail in any step and not all the time the same. E.g. the first time that I execute the project can fail in the step 4 and the second one in the step 2.
    C. I don’t know which files that I can delete form the project. Each time that I execute them I have more and more files.
    D. Sometimes Ranorex is not able to recognize items from the repository. The meaning of this is that sometimes I execute the project and works as expected and in other time no.
Operating system: Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1
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Re: Problem executing Test Suite

Post by RobinHood42 » Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:54 pm

Hi Walter,

I'm not quite sure what exactly you want to achieve with this intention but I'm afraid that you are off the track.

Ranorex Studio and the Test Suite allows you to organize your complete Test Suite with different Test Cases and Run configurations. There is no need to create several Test Suites instead of Test Cases.

I would suggest going through the User Guide and/or attend one of the free webinars of Ranorex: ... binar.html

This will help you to understand the usage and functionality of Ranorex. Also, it is mandatory to understand how Ranorex supposes the setup and structure of your tests.