Problem with multiple window

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Problem with multiple window

Post by Maslak » Tue Dec 18, 2012 1:19 pm

Hi, i have a problem with instances. I`m trying to open and do some scripts in Remote Desktops. My script looks like:
1) Open Remote Desktop and type IP/user etc. ( change with every cycle - user)
2) Run a app on Remote desktop ( mouse double click on shourtcout)
3) Minimalize window ( I added some regedit keys to make minimalized deskopt work with ranorex. - it works fine )
4) Open new Remote Desktop (100 iterations)

And when i`m trying to run a app on second deskopt, ranorex is switching to deskopt 1. I looked to source code and i found that instance isn`t changing. Is there a solution to change that with every new remote desktop window? I tryed to record 2,3 iterations but instance is always =0. Plz help me, and i`m sorry for my english.

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Re: Problem with multiple window

Post by Support Team » Wed Dec 19, 2012 2:27 pm


Could you explain more detailed what you are doing with Ranorex?
Automation with Ranorex is not fully working on Remote Desktops (see User Guide).

In general, there shouldn't be problems with instances.
Please try to use 'Childindex' to distinguish between your desktops.

Markus (T)