Problem with Ranorex Repository

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Problem with Ranorex Repository

Post by Deepak_Singh » Thu May 22, 2014 11:11 am

Hi All,

I am doing Regression testing for a Web Application.
I am Maintaining only 1 repository for all the Test Cases.

I am facing some serious issues with the Repository. I have about 100 objects in the Repository. Approx After 70th object I am facing Problems. The object gets added to wrong Hirearchy(but I let that happen as it was not affecting my TC's).
Now the Problem which i am facing is that Now if I add objects and Highlight it.
It shows No object found.

But if I open a new solution and Add to the New Repository then its Perfect(Proper Hirearchy and Result(Highlight)).

All I wanted to Know that is there any Limitation to the No of Objects to the Repository?

And any Idea/Solution to my problem?

Hope Ranorex Support Team replies to this post with their Feedback.


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Re: Problem with Ranorex Repository

Post by krstcs » Fri May 23, 2014 1:48 pm

What version of Ranorex are you using?
What version of Windows are you using?
Could you post a snapshot of the app?
Could you post your repository?

I have seen no issues with the number of objects in the repository, or the in a specific folder or app.

My guess would be that there is an ambiguous path in one of your parent folders, or that you are using variables and the variable is not given the correct default value for what you are trying to do. I would check those things and see if you find anything.
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