Problem with Ranorex.Unknown type

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Problem with Ranorex.Unknown type

Post by ThN » Thu Aug 09, 2012 12:54 pm

I am testing an Ploting application, for which I use ChartControl and Chart. I have to check the number of curves visible or sometimes the color of curves in the chart after certain operation. The problem is that if I check this plot in Ranorex spy window it is identified as Unkown type. so I cannot check the count of plotItem in the plot(Chart).
1) Is their any possiblity on how to check the number of curve with out comparing using pictures. Because pictures vary from moniter to moniter.
2) Is their any way how I can cast type unkown to type chart so that using the property of chart i can get the number of plotItems. Because in the Ranorex spy property details it actually show the right type of the element.
3) Is their any solution for picture comparision which is not dependent on the moniters.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Problem with Ranorex.Unknown type

Post by Support Team » Thu Aug 09, 2012 2:09 pm


In order to analyze the issue we would need a Ranorex Snapshot file of the specific element.
Following link will show you how to generate a snapshot file:
Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files
You can upload it or you can also send it to our support email address: [email protected]
Regarding your third question, could it be that you meant the resolution of the monitor and could it be that the size of your images/charts depend on the resolution of the screen?

Ranorex Support Team