Problems with Using Repository

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Problems with Using Repository

Post by ranisti » Tue Dec 18, 2012 8:01 pm


I had two questions regarding using objects in the repository:

1. Three colleagues using Ranorex at us, exchanging the Suite via SVN. On the PC there are different OS and different Screens. It happens that the Suite is not able to run on a PC even though e.g. on my one it was absolutely OK.

What are your workflows for these problems?

2. If I run the Suite and error occur I change the recording and record some steps twice. In this case it happens pretty offen that Repository has two windows of two sessions each with a part of the used objects. --> This results that in a new session a part of the objects (lists, Drop-Down-menus) are not found.

My problem is that I not able to create an object directly and order it to a certain window... If I try to drag&drop the objects of the unnecessary sessions to the very first one (to have everything together) it is not allowed. Everything I can do is to copy the objects to the wished session, delete the old ones and drag the new one to the recorded steps where they must be found.

How do you manage your reps?

Thank you very much ...


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Re: Problems with Using Repository

Post by Support Team » Wed Dec 19, 2012 4:53 pm


If there are issues with Ranorex on different environments we have a standard procedure to solve them.
Please follow the steps below.

Which version of Ranorex are you using?
Could you please verify if all prerequisites of Ranorex are installed on all machines (see attached file)?

Ranorex is able to identify the elements of your application independently of the environment (Windows OS). Nevertheless, it is possible that the path to elements is changed for several reasons.

Is it possible to track your elements (lists, Drop-Down-menus) with Spy on all machines?
Could you please verify if the path is the same?
If differences occur in the path of elements it is possible to adjust the RanoreXPath of the object.
More information can be found in section RanoreXPath in our User Guide.

In order to analyze this issue we would need a Snapshot of your application (for each OS).
Please take a look at section 'Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files' from our User Guide.

Please let me know if you need further assistance.

Markus (T)
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