Question About Ranorex7.2.1

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Question About Ranorex7.2.1

Post by gubeen » Wed Aug 21, 2019 2:18 pm

when I use Ranorex5.2,It works OK.
test.exe's code is below:

test22.exe's code is below:

But,When I update to Ranorex7.2.1,It doesn't work.
The problem is :when test22.exe running to code "if(repo.Form记事本.SelfInfo.Exists())",test22.exe will be stop.


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Re: Question About Ranorex7.2.1

Post by odklizec » Thu Aug 22, 2019 7:08 am


I'm afraid, Ranorex 7.2.1 is way too old and no longer supported. You should try the most recent 9.1.1, because I seriously doubt anyone here still keeps 7.2.1? Which means, that there is probably no one, who can even try to reproduce your problem? Seriously, 7.x is a long time dead horse ;)

At next, it's next to impossible to suggest something meaningful without seeing, at very least, Ranorex snapshot of (NOT screenshot) of your app under test (AUT). But I think that in this particular case, it would be required to see the app itself as well. Plus more detailed steps what exactly you trying to do?
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