question of agent remote Ranorex

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question of agent remote Ranorex

Post by jecardenasri01 » Mon Feb 26, 2018 5:11 pm

hello I have a couple of doubts about the use of ranorex agent

1- If I have a license and would like to share the license with another team as I would, I understand that the machine without a license is assigned to a floating or dynamic license but I do not understand how it would be to share a license

2- I already tested my equipment (A) automate a project and add a partner and when executing from my machine (A) my partner in the machine (B) can see the execution on your computer remotely, my question is: how can my partner on another machine (B) modify some of the automation that I have on my computer (A)?

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Re: question of agent remote Ranorex

Post by McTurtle » Wed Feb 28, 2018 5:08 pm

Hello jecardenasri01,

1. If you have only one license and you want to share it with someone else, then you both need to connect to a Ranorex License Manager. It does not matter on which machine it is installed. After you both connect and try to lease the single license by starting Ranorex Studio, then only the one who is first will be able to lease the license. The other one will receive an error message. This is practical if you are not working the same shift or if you only need Ranorex Studio sometimes. If you both want to work with Ranorex Studio all the time at the same time, then this will not cut it and you will need two licenses. You can find more info about Ranorex licensing under the following link: Licensing

2. You should look into the ONLY proper way to share a solution before it is too late and you go down the wrong path: Source Control :)
Some people try to improvise with putting the solution on network drives and similar things. Anything, but a good source control integration will lead to issues in the future.