question of record, modify, and mouse buttons

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question of record, modify, and mouse buttons

Post by jamiboo » Wed Jan 23, 2008 10:46 pm


I have a question about the Ranorex program. I’d like to purchase it, so I first downloaded the trial version to test it and see if it had any mistakes when running a different program. My problem is that at the replay, the middle „button” (or scroller) doesn’t scroll up or down the page even though it’s listed among the recorded applications. Plus, if I keep ALT pressed down while moving the mouse, does that record? Or do these applications not work simply because the trial version is more limited and has fewer options than the full program?
After saving it, can I change and add or only delete information from it? If these functions are possible, could somebody please send me a detailed description/manual of the entire program? My e-mail address: [email protected]
Thanks for your help in advance.


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Post by Support Team » Fri Jan 25, 2008 11:49 am

The mouse wheel will be supported in Ranorex 1.4. The current version 1.3 only recognizes if the middle mouse button (=wheel) is pressed.

Pressing and holding keys like Alt, Ctrl, or Shift is recorded and replayed accordingly. However, mouse moves alone are not recorded. The Recorder only records the points where the mouse performs a click action and then moves from one action point to the next when replaying.

Adding and changing actions can currently only be done manually be editing the generated XML or source code files. We have already added these options to our wanted features list.

The evaluation version is a fully functional Ranorex package and only limited by its evaluation period. For a manual please refer to the Ranorex User Guide that is also available in the Ranorex start-menu after installation.

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