Radio button and Combobox value setting using DB

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Radio button and Combobox value setting using DB

Post by Ram_Sankar » Fri May 23, 2014 8:17 am

Good Morning Folks,

Hope this Friday morning to all isnt as stressful !

Being an amatuer on Ranorex, request your Swift help please !

I use SQL DB in which I have the sex of a Person(male/female) as one column and their Occupation as another(self employed/employed/unemployed) saved.

Based on their sex and occupation from the DB, I want to select a Radio button and also based on their employment Status, I want to automatically choose the right Option in combox box in from front end using Ranorex. :?

I am not sure how do I collect Sex and Employment values on a variable in ranorex and use that to assign the right Option in the front end. :roll:

Require your urgent Attention and HELP as this seriously is a time killer. :oops:

Thanks in anticipation to the experts.


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Re: Radio button and Combobox value setting using DB

Post by krstcs » Fri May 23, 2014 2:40 pm

What version of Ranorex are you using?

Could you post a snapshot of the application under test? See this page for information on snapshots: ... files.html

In most cases you can data-drive these types of objects by putting the variable inside the RanoreXPath of the object like so:

Code: Select all

GenderRadioButton -- //RadioButton[@value=$gender]
EmpStatusRadioButton -- //RadioButton[@value=$empStatus]
Note that you will need to use RanorexSpy to determine which attribute (the "@value" portion) you need to match.

You will also need to bind your data set to the test case and module in the suite.
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