Ranorex 2.1 Beta with Flex/Flash support available!

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Ranorex 2.1 Beta with Flex/Flash support available!

Post by Support Team » Tue May 05, 2009 2:35 pm

Ranorex 2.1 Beta with Flex/Flash support available! (May 5, 2009)

We are now ready to provide the first beta version of Ranorex V2.1.

Please ask for download link at: support(at)ranorex.com.

  • Imaging: Allows searching for image features and comparing images
  • Recorder User Code Items: custom code parts can now be added as record items in Ranorex Studio
  • Adobe Flex testing support
  • Samples have been improved and are now also available in VB.NET
  • RxPath generation has been improved
  • The WebDocument interface has been updated
  • Improved handling for a number of broken MSAA menubar/contextmenu implementations
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug in the winforms plugin which sometimes caused controls not to be correctly identified
  • Fixed recording of disabled winforms windows
  • Fixed recorder behaviour when recording mouse clicks while a key is pressed
  • Fixed the appearance of the start page in Studio when no internet connection is present
  • Various small cosmetic fixes and updates to user interface
Adobe Flex support

Please consider the following steps in order to automate Adobe Flex applications with Ranorex:


To automate Flash/Flex applications with Ranorex it is required to include the Ranorex Flex Automation Lib as follows:
  1. Start Adobe Flex Builder and open your workspace
  2. Right-click on your project and choose Properties
  3. Under Flex Compiler add the Ranorex.swc file (located in the Bin directory of your Ranorex installation) to the compiler argument as

    -include-libraries "C:\Program Files\Ranorex 2.1\Bin\Ranorex.swc"
  4. Save and compile your application
  5. Run your application in the Internet Explorer
  6. If you run your Flex application from the local drive, add your output directory to the trusted locations of the Flash player as follows:
    - Open following link
    http://www.macromedia.com/support/docum ... tml#119065
    - Add your project output directory
  7. Now your Adobe Flex application is ready to get fully automated with Ranorex.
Ranorex Team