Ranorex 4.0.5 slow playback start & chrome plugin deletion?

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Ranorex 4.0.5 slow playback start & chrome plugin deletion?

Post by Arian » Fri Jul 19, 2013 8:54 am

Hi Ranorex Team,

Because my Ranorex 4.0.5 playback function had extremly long load times 90% of times started, I guessed it may be because of the ranorex chrome plugin which I deleted. However ranorex tests are still played within chrome instead of the "a ranorex chrome plugin should be installed" message, so I can't reinstall chrome plugin and it seems it isnt deinstalled correctly. ( I did it in chrome: Tool > Extensions > deinstall )

The long load times occured between:

Module Loaded: ICSharpCode.Core.dll
Module Loaded: System.Runtime.Remoting.resources.dll

Screenshot of the Ranorex Test Run Popup:

So how can I correctly deinstall ranorex chrome plugin and reinstall it again?
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Re: Ranorex 4.0.5 slow playback start & chrome plugin deletion?

Post by Support Team » Mon Jul 22, 2013 2:43 pm


Could it be that you manually removed 'Ranorex Automation Extension' for Chrome?
Please try to add the file 'RanorexAutomation.crx' (located at 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Ranorex 4.0\Bin') into Chrome as described in our User Guide.

If this didn't solve your issue, could you please uninstall Ranorex completely, restart your computer, install Ranorex 4.0.5 again and instrument Chrome using Instrumentation Wizard. This should ensure that the Chrome Extension is installed correctly. You might need to enable 'Allow access to file URLs' for the extension.

Markus (T)