Ranorex 5 Released

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Ranorex 5 Released

Post by Support Team » Wed Mar 05, 2014 8:49 am

We are pleased to announce that Ranorex 5 is now available for download. (You can find a direct download link for the latest versions on the Ranorex Studio start page)

This latest release extends Ranorex’ capabilities for testing of ERP systems like SAP, Oracle Forms, and Microsoft Dynamics Applications allowing industry-first complete system-level test automation across Desktop, Web and Mobile Applications. All technologies, all updates now available within a single license – Ranorex Premium. In addition improvements for mobile testing, test case documentation in Ranorex Studio, and much more has been added.

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Major features
  • Added support for Oracle Forms
  • The description of test cases can now be (simple) HTML
  • Improved performance of mobile automation
  • The recorder now allows to add Swipe actions for mobile and desktop applications
  • Testing of SAP is now included in all licenses
General changes/Features
  • Removed the need to manually instrument Java applications (instrumentation is done automatically now)
  • Changing the "selected" attribute of an option tag now fires the appropriate Javascript events
  • The Studio code editor now opens the related MSDN API documentation for the currently selected item when pressing F1
  • Added support for Tortoise SVN 1.8 in Studio
  • Added the possibility to edit the XmlDoc summary of test modules and to search for the summary in the module browser
  • The recorder can now highlight elements while recording
  • The recorder now updates the action table and repository while recording
  • Added a "Wait For Exists" action to the recorder allowing to wait for a repository item to appear
  • The working directory of a Run Application action is now automatically set when selecting an executable using the file dialog
  • The Devices pad now contains additional information about devices and instrumented apps
  • Improved the usability in the Manage Devices dialog (grouping, multi-select)
  • The orientation of mobile device apps can now be set using a recorder action
  • Improved support for iOS UIPickerView and UITableView controls with virtual elements
  • Added support for the iOS UISearchBar control
  • Improved support for iOS Xamarin apps
  • Added possibility to set advanced APK instrumentation options
  • Instrumenting Android APKs now allows using a custom signing certificate
  • Android app instrumentation can now be done with JRE 1.7 (in addition to JRE 1.6)
  • The Android service app now allows to select the network interface to use for communication
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