Ranorex 8.2.1 Crashes during record

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Ranorex 8.2.1 Crashes during record

Post by HubTack » Fri Oct 12, 2018 6:05 pm

When I am recording a new test case, Ranorex just crashes. Simply stops working and closes. All work done up to that point is lost, even if I've been saving the test cases, the project is not saved and the new tests are lost. I've just lost another two hours of work today.

Create a new test case
Add a recording module
Record the test
Ranorex crashes and closes randomly

Windows 10, 64 bit, with all updates
Browser is IE 11

This is really show stopper for us.

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Re: Ranorex 8.2.1 Crashes during record

Post by krstcs » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:00 pm

This sounds like a corrupted or bad installation.

Please try the following and report the results:
1. Uninstall Ranorex completely from the system.
2. Reboot the system.
3. Reinstall Ranorex using the *.EXE file here: https://www.ranorex.com/download/Ranorex-8.2.1.exe

If that does not fix the issue, please try installing Ranorex on a different system to insure that it's not just on the original system.
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