Ranorex 8 and .NET 4.6.1

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Ranorex 8 and .NET 4.6.1

Post by Rexette » Tue Feb 20, 2018 8:36 am

Hi Ranorex team

I'm using Ranorex 8 and I have .NET 4.6.1 installed.
Unfortunately I can't set the target framework in the project properties to 4.6.1 as .NET 4.6 is the highest version available (see attachment)

Am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Ranorex 8 and .NET 4.6.1

Post by asdf » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:02 pm

May I ask you why you are trying to update the projects to 4.6.1? I'm working with 4.5.2 and there is everything in there I need for testing purposes.

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Re: Ranorex 8 and .NET 4.6.1

Post by krstcs » Wed Feb 21, 2018 6:40 pm

Note: Make sure you have your project up-to-date in your source-control system before doing the following! (You should always be using a version/source control system, as you are developing software just like any other project!)

I would suggest opening your solution in Visual Studio, updating the solution to 4.6.1 and compiling there. This will let you know whether the Ranorex libraries are compatible with .NET 4.6.1.

Then, you can re-open the updated solution in Ranorex and see if it will still compile.

Just because Ranorex Studio doesn't directly support .NET versions above 4.6.0 doesn't mean they won't work. You probably won't have accurate autocomplete and error detection in the editor, but it should still compile. Ranorex Studio is just a reskin of SharpDevelop and they both use MSBuild for whatever version of .NET you are using, so compiling should be fine.

As for why someone would want to use 4.6.1, there are a number of new features in 4.6 that are very interesting and can make life easier for developers who are actually coding (not just using recordings), so just because 4.5.2 works for most of us, doesn't mean 4.6.1 isn't better for some things. I have actually been interested in updating, but since I'm not using any heavy-weight .NET features right now it isn't as important to me either, but I can see how others would want to do it.
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