Ranorex Agent Access rights

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Ranorex Agent Access rights

Post by as18 » Tue Nov 22, 2016 4:32 pm


Is there a way to restrict other users to not add Ranorex agent I am using to ran my scripts or at least even if they were to add, Would I be able to restrict access to them from running it.

Please let me know if there is a solution as it is causing a bit of inconvenience when running scripts.


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Re: Ranorex Agent Access rights

Post by asdf » Thu Nov 24, 2016 2:55 pm

Hi as18,

Unfortunately, there is no way to deny the access to your agent from other users.
I would suggest naming the agents accordingly that every user has his own agent.
Another workaround I can think of is to block the connection from other users through your firewall.

I hope this helps.

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