Ranorex and CodedUI

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Ranorex and CodedUI

Post by nammusinha » Mon Jul 13, 2015 7:42 pm

I have my product test cases automated in codedUI.
Now Dev team has provided support for Mobile devices (Android,iOS) as well.
Wanted to know if i move to Ranorex, will i be able to use the same codedUI script ? Or would i need to updated the whole script for Ranorex or will there be slighter modifications?


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Re: Ranorex and CodedUI

Post by Support Team » Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:36 am

Hello Namrata,

how would you like to combine your existing test scripts with Ranorex? Maybe you can explain in detail which use case you want to implement?

In general, it is possible to use the Ranorex API within a Visual Studio project, as it is also based on the .Net framework.

There are some general articles about how to use Ranorex within VS. Please have a look at Visual Studio Integration and Running Ranorex Automated Tests Using Microsoft Test Manager.

Additionally, you could download our free trial and check if Ranorex fits all your needs.

If you need more information, don't hesitate to ask.