Ranorex.Libs.WinForms.dll FileNotfoundException

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Ranorex.Libs.WinForms.dll FileNotfoundException

Post by harendra » Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:32 am


I have compiled solution under "Any" processor setting in project options, on a windows 7- 64 bit operating system.

I use the ranorex test suite runner 64 bit to run the solution and it works fine. When I use the ranorex studio to open the solution -> this also works fine. But when I run the solution, via ranorex studio, it gives me an exception in the console window saying -> Could not find the file Ranorex.Lib.winforms and could not load its dependant assemblies.

Well I have checked in the debug folder that file is already there. But I suspect when the solution is run from that folder that time it is not available. But the question is why is this file not available ? I checked on the same machine if any dependancies are missed out for the file which is preventing its load, but I don't see anything in the reflector.

Please advise.


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Re: Ranorex.Libs.WinForms.dll FileNotfoundException

Post by Support Team » Fri Oct 19, 2012 4:29 pm

Hello Harendra,

Which version of Ranorex do you use?
Which .NET version is used to build the solution?
Please take a look at the Section "General Troubleshooting" in our user guide. Maybe you can find a solution there. If this site will not help please contact us again.

ranorex Support Team