Ranorex not identifying objects correctly in IE8

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Ranorex not identifying objects correctly in IE8

Post by Nadeem » Fri Aug 05, 2011 12:28 pm

Hello to one and all,

I am having problems with Ranorex on my PC. I am running:

Ranorex - 3.0.4
Windows Platform - XP SP3
IE - 8.0.6001
Firefox - 3.6.16

The problem I am having is that my existing Ranorex scripts (which were running fine on IE8 yesterday) are failing to perform a click or lock-on to any element on-screen when using IE8. In this specific case; the Login button. Yesterday, I was running the same scripts on IE8 and they worked absolutely fine. Today, they are failing to lock-on to the Login button.

If I use Spy, click on the Track button and move the cursor on the Login button itself, it recognises and highlights a different object (Please see Login Selection.JPG). If I then move the cursor to the location of the Red Highlighted box (as seen in the picture), it then recognises the object as the button (Please see Login Page.JPG). In short, Spy recognises the object, but the location is different. Please see attached screen shots.

If I enter the path of the repository item into Spy, it states, 1 match found. When I ask it to highlight the object, what Ranorex thinks is the object and its actual location is different. Therefore when in playback mode, the script thinks it is clicking on the Login button, when in fact it is clicking on a different object altogether.

This is not just with the Login page or button, but all pages in IE8. So in short, right now none of my scripts work on IE8.

I have run the script on Firefox and it works fine. No problems. I have also tried to run the same script on another XP machine on IE8, it works fine. But not on my machine Ranorex knows the objects exist, but the location Ranorex is defining them to be seems to be incorrect.

I have tried rebooting the PC, clearing my Web History, run the CCleaner software but the problem still exists. I haven't changed any Settings in IE or Ranorex. Have not installed anything in both applications. Can someone help me and give me an idea as to what the problem might be?

Login Selection.JPG
Image illustrating what Spy recognises the object to be if i attempt to identify the Login button using the Track option.
Login Selection.JPG (29.71 KiB) Viewed 1891 times
Login Page.JPG
Image illustrating where Spy thinks the Login button is and its actual location
Login Page.JPG (7.45 KiB) Viewed 1891 times

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Re: Ranorex not identifying objects correctly in IE8

Post by Support Team » Fri Aug 05, 2011 1:09 pm

Is the IE zoom level set to 100%? If not, please set it to 100%.

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Re: Ranorex not identifying objects correctly in IE8

Post by Nadeem » Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:51 pm

AHA!!!! :oops:

Erm, yeah .... funnily enough ....... that worked. Absolutely fine now.

Right, being the modest and humble perosn that I am, am now off to show off to my manager and Developer (who are both fairly techy) that the problem is fixed. Albeit, not before i have finished laughing at myself!

Needless to say, this issue was an IE (more importantly Microsoft) issue, not User Training. :wink:

I knew it was going to be something small.

Thank you Ranorex Support Team.