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Ranorex Plugins

Post by Tnimni » Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:07 pm


I'm new to Ranoxrex, but i have alot of experience with other tools such as QTP/testcomplete and so on.

We don't use recording at my company and code the entire test on our own.

i noticed that Ranorex automatically loads all the references to all available plugins by default

such as java,flesh,flex,mobile etc.

I don't need those to be loaded because i'm only testing C# and win32, how can i disable their load by default?

Thanks in advance


Re: Ranorex Plugins

Post by mebner » Fri Jan 03, 2014 1:40 pm


Why do you want to disable them?
Basically, the number of enabled Ranorex flavors (technologies) should have only a very minor impact on performance. Consequently, disabling a flavor will most probably not speed up your automation, simply because the flavor was not used anyway if the AUT does not use that technology.

In general performance problems usually have other causes, e.g. RanoreXPaths that are not specific enough or search too many elements.

Anyway, just for completeness, you could disable a specific Plugin in User Code as shown below:
Ranorex.Plugin.Win32Flavor.Instance.Enabled = false;    
Ranorex.Plugin.JavaFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.MsaaFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.WebFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.ChromeWebFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.FlexFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.RawTextFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.WinFormsFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.WpfFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;  
Ranorex.Plugin.MozillaWebFlavor.Instance.Enabled = false;
Disabling a flavor can have unwanted side effects. Many applications do not use a single technology; in other words, multiple Ranorex flavors are needed to automate a single application. For example:
The Win32Flavor is a base flavor and disabling it will basically render all other flavors useless.
The MsaaFlavor is used by nearly all technologies, especially in Win32, WinForms, and Web applications. So if you disable that flavor, some elements in such application will not be identified any more.


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Re: Ranorex Plugins

Post by Tnimni » Mon Jan 06, 2014 10:43 am

Thank you!