Ranorex recorder query

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Ranorex recorder query

Post by samu_ranorex » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:37 am


I have 2 problems

1) Whicle recording it is generatng only the xml file and not the c# code.

How I can generate the c# code while recording.

2) While replaying the recorded code it successfully identifies one obejct at one time while as it fails at other time.

In the sense its not replaying my recorded code successfully in one go, need to try many time to see it work.

what might be the resaon for this behaviour.

I would like to use this tool but its posing lots of problem for me.

Please can you give me some guidelines wherein I can record and replay the recorded code successfully in one go.

Thanks for your earlier replies

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Post by Support Team » Wed Oct 01, 2008 12:19 pm

Hi Sameer,

ad 1) The RanorexRecorder V1.X can only generate code after having replayed the recorded steps at least once.

ad 2) The may be various reasons for a replay not to succeed.
  • The state of the application when replaying is different from the state when the steps were recorded. (E.g. a dialog was already opened when the recording started, but when replaying the dialog is not opened.)
  • A control/window or element has dynamic properties that have different values from the time when they were recorded. E.g. the title of the Internet Explorer window is such a dynamic property as it depends on the currently displayed web page. So is the name of the system clock element that is equal to the current time. The RanorexRecorder cannot know that these properties are dynamic and assumes that the should have the same value as the recorded ones.
If you send as your application under test (email to support_at_ranorex.com), we can have a look at it and analyze why the recorder replay does not work.

Ranorex Support Team