Ranorex Studio 9.1 now available

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Ranorex Studio 9.1 now available

Post by Support Team » Wed May 29, 2019 8:09 am

Ranorex 9.1 released

Release 9.1 makes Ranorex Studio the center of your working environment with Jira integration. The all-new test progress dialog puts the real-time information you need at your fingertips. Instantly recognize the number of test containers already executed and left, their success status, and the time elapsed by the run. Your RanoreXPaths are now intuitively designed to ensure you can understand them and the UI element they represent in a flash. Get more out of your user code by effortlessly defining the return value of a user code action and binding it to a variable directly from the actions table.

In addition, release 9.1 includes:
  • Use regular expressions in the process whitelist (and blacklist)
  • More prominent and improved technology limitation dialogs
  • Filter the remote panel by an agent’s attributes to choose which remote machine should execute a test
  • The run application action now provides a flag to run the specified application without elevation (i.e. without admin privileges)
Read more about Ranorex Studio 9.1 in the release notes.

Download a free trial of Ranorex Studio 9.1 here.

To update an existing installation, use the link on the Ranorex Studio start page.