Ranorex Studio 9 Screenshot Container Problem

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Ranorex Studio 9 Screenshot Container Problem

Post by tomwolf » Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:44 am

Hello Ranorex community,

Recently I’ve updated Ranorex Studio 8.3.2 to Ranorex Studio 9.0. With Studio 9.0 I was able to test our app on a Samsung S9 with OS version Android 9. Connecting and recording didn’t deliver any problems, but I faced an issue causing me to reinstall Studio 8.3.2.

The issue took place in Ranorex Spy when I tried to select actions in the ‘screenshot’ container. The problem was that I was able to only select some parts of all the buttons. This also included waiting about 5 minutes to realise my mouse stood already on another button. Also, the workload of my processor increased by almost 30 percent adding to the standard 9 percent. This resulted in a 39 percent usage of the processor, this never happened in Studio 8.3.2.

In the attached file and just below this paragraph you can see a screenshot of the problem. You can see that my cursor isn’t even on the ‘screenshot’ container, but Spy is still showing a blue button. I already tried to use another underlaying directory item, but this didn’t solve the problem. When I was able to select a blue box, it would most of the time take me to the specified directory but this action would also take about 5 minutes.

Concrete test situation:
- Ranorex Studio 9.0
- Running Spy using the ‘record’ button
- Samsung S9 (Android 9)

Could you patch Studio 9 to make these actions functional again as they were supposed to?

Thanks already,

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Tom Wolf

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Re: Ranorex Studio 9 Screenshot Container Problem

Post by Support Team » Fri Mar 01, 2019 2:51 pm

Hello Tom,

Thank you for contacting us.
We have not come across new mobile issues yet with Ranorex 9.0.
The issue could be specific to your app. Can you open a ticket in our support system and attach the apk file? You can contact us via the following link: Support Query

We are looking forward to your ticket.