Ranorex Studio hangs continously during development - Edit

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Ranorex Studio hangs continously during development - Edit

Post by smitaninad » Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:02 am

Hi , We are developing Ranorex based Automation where one Solution is comprising of 3 projects
1.Common [ class library ]
2.Util [ class library ]
3.Application Client [ application exe ]

Util.dll contains .Net framework utility functions for the automation framework - This is referenced by Common.dll and Application.exe
Common.dll contain common usercodes and repository for reuse - This is referenced by Applicate.exe

Application.exe - contains the test cases built using common.dll and also it contains the linked repository originally stored in Common.dll

We are facing consistent hang when opened the actionwords's usercode files in Common.dll project
The hang is typically at below situations
1.Tried to access repository using . intelellisense OR by pressing "Ctrl+Space"
2.Tried to edit comments in the usercode
3.Tried to Edit anything in the Usercode.cs file

This is very much hindering the Automation development process and , the only solution is to close Ranorex but when u reopen u cant be assured that the issue will not come.
We are enterprise customers and I will log the query separately to the support email also , but we need the solution asap to progress.

The environment at our end as below
1.Operating system - Windows 7
2.Ranorex - 5.3.0

Please help.

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Re: Ranorex Studio hangs continously during development - Edit

Post by Support Team » Thu Apr 16, 2015 4:55 pm

Hi smitaninad,

Please update to Ranorex 5.3.1, since this issue should be fixed with this version.