Ranorex Test Suite- multiple user module in same test suite

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Ranorex Test Suite- multiple user module in same test suite

Post by Saha » Mon Mar 21, 2011 5:12 pm


In out Ranorex Test Suite we initially had one test case inside that we had one code module which was working fine.
Now we had had to add few more test cases to run independently from first test case. so we created few more test cases Test suite parent folder and added the required user modules for it.

We are in a impression that we can simply check/uncheck the test cases as per our execution requirement.
We tried to uncheck the first testcase and the run only the second test case which had a user module inside it.
But during execution time it always picks the first test case, even though it is unchecked in the test suite wizard.

While troubleshooting this issue, we found another problem. Every time we do any changes in the Test suite, it updates the *.rxtst file under root folder. But if I close studio and reopen the test suite, I can't find my changes, it reflects the old setup.

1. How can I have multiple user module under different test cases but in same suite and run those independently?
2. When I changes in the test suite UI and save it and reopen the studio , why I am not able to find the changes? Why I can still see the old setup, even when the *.rxtst file has the updated information.

Please let me know.

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Re: Ranorex Test Suite- multiple user module in same test suite

Post by Support Team » Mon Mar 21, 2011 10:03 pm


if you uncheck certain test cases you must give the new configuration a name (at the top of the test suite view). In the command line you can specify which configuration you want to run using runconfig:

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    runconfig|rc:<configuration name>
        Runs the test cases of the specified configuration defined by the rxtst
        Configurations can be edited using Ranorex Studio or TestSuiteRunner.
        By default, the currently selected run config is used.
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