Ranorex V2.0 Preview available

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Ranorex V2.0 Preview available

Post by Support Team » Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:00 pm

Ranorex V2.0 Preview available!

We are happy to provide you with the current Ranorex V2.0 Preview.
This is a preview version of Ranorex V2.0. Please consider that this version does not include all features planned for the final release.

What’s new in Ranorex 2.0
  • Excellent GUI Object Recognition based on RanoreXPath
  • Total new Ranorex Recorder (Object-based Capture/Replay Editor)
  • Graphical Automation Editor
  • GUI Object Repository
Known Issues

Ranorex Recorder
  • Drag&Drop operations not fully supported
  • Ordering of recorded actions might be wrong in some cases (especially if time between actions is small)
  • Recording of mouse move only currently not supported
Ranorex Repository
  • Changing folder path can cause an exception
Ranorex Studio
  • Debugger not fully functional
Ranorex Library
  • Role specific implementations partially finished (causes “NotImplementedException” or “NotSupportedException”)
  • Only API Documentation available
  • Only project samples available (for Visual Studio and Ranorex Studio)
Ranorex Team