Regex escape directly in RxPath?

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Regex escape directly in RxPath?

Post by mrt » Thu Dec 15, 2022 8:52 am

Dear all,

is it possible to escape regex directly in Rxpath without the need of UserCode?

I get a value from a data source, which contains spaces and special characters like '(' or '/'.
This value needs to be selected in a dropdown control, but the dropdown item text is not equal to the value, but has leading and trailing spaces, so I cannot use

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but instead need to use

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Now because of the '~' the special characters are treated as RegEx control characters, so I need to escape them.

Example value 1:

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after escaping results to

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which works fine.

Example value 2:

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results to

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which fails on Validation AttributeEqual as well as on AttributeContains.
Validating on AttributeContains is anyway too fuzzy, because there could be values like 'ABC DEF GHJ' which would result in a false positive.

I could escape the value, save in an additional variable just for the dropdown and use the original unescaped for validation, but this ends up in 2 variables for the same input field which seems messy to me.

If there was a possibility to directly escape in RxPath I could stick to only one variable and would have a clean solution then.

Any ideas?

Something similar was mentioned 9 years ago as request: ... 5050.html
but i do not know if this was implemented.

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Re: Regex escape directly in RxPath?

Post by IvanF » Fri Dec 16, 2022 4:26 pm

Hi, you could try "starts with" instead of "contains" if the leading spaces behavior is predictable


where $RegEx = \s* (or a version of "any number of spaces").

The direct concatenation of '\s*' + $myValue doesn't seem to work, which may indicate a parsing issue on the Studio side. So, if the double variable approach also doesn't work for you, it's worth submitting a ticket for both the parsing check and the feature request of easier escape functionality.