Renaming and exporting screenshots for a screenbook

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Renaming and exporting screenshots for a screenbook

Post by C_Schuh » Mon Dec 07, 2020 4:38 pm

Hello everyone,

I just had the idea, I could use Ranorex to create a Screenbook of my AUT in a at least semi-automatically way. This is not a regular test case, it is a bit out of scope, I know, but I thought Ranorex could be helpful, anyway. Maybe one of you has had already a similar idea and got it running.

The idea is, to let Ranorex run through the application and create a screenshot of every window that opens (There are a lot of them). This of course works fine using the „create screenshot“-action.

Now those screenshots are normally used for validation and reports. They are filed in the repository of those items to create the Ranorex report with. They are filed with cryptical randomly generated alphanumerical names. This is absolutely done for a reason and I don‘t want to temper with that, it is just useless für my special purpose.

Is there any proven, reliable and efficient method to give those pictures „speaking“ names like the name of the belonging Renorex repository item and store them in a different folder?

Thanks a lot and best regards