report appending in 2.2

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Re: report appending in 2.2

Post by Ciege » Tue May 18, 2010 3:48 pm

Support Team wrote:@Ciege: 1) to 4) are already, more or less, in our pipeline, so the new reports will have a (collapsible) tree structure and some kind of global summary (e.g. pass/fail/skip/block). The color schemes are a good idea; so basically you should be able to add a custom color mapping for given category name, right ?
Great that 1-4 are in the pipe... Great minds think alike I dare say?!?

Yes, for the custom color mappings I envision something like I want to create a custom category called App Launch and color all App Launch report entries Orange or create a custom category called Test Start and color all Test Start Categories Blue etc... Basically allow me to set all these custom report settings in my main framework then when I call the Report Setup method in my framework have all generated reports follow the same scheme.

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Re: report appending in 2.2

Post by Gunner1980 » Fri May 21, 2010 12:02 am

I downloaded the custom style sheet and everything works now thanks! That being said I have a few more questions.

I am saving all of my tests under a directory in the reports directory, so my reports are saved something like this.


I am noticing that the xsl sheet I am using is being copied to /Reports/ as well as /Reports/Test1

So my first question is how do I change that so it is only showing up in /Reports/Test1?

My second question is since I am using images for my stylesheet from the local hard drive what is the best way to incorporate these images so they show up when emailed and when looked at on the system?

Currently I have my images getting copied to the /Reports/images/ directory so I have my xsl sheet looking for ../images/logo.png for example.

I would like to embed the images somehow if possible but if that isn't possible I would at least like the images folder to be placed under the /Reports/Test1/images directory. Currently I have only figured out how to get the images to show up under /Reports/images and I don't like this because if someone wants to email the report they have to zip up the entire report directory instead of just the Test1 directory.

The other problem is that since Ranorex Studio places reports under just /Reports the rxlogs I look at in studio look different than the ones that show up under /Reports/Test1 since the paths are different.

Is there a better way to do this?