Request for the Webex session to resolve Queries

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Request for the Webex session to resolve Queries

Post by nimjesanjay » Mon Sep 09, 2013 9:28 am

I am using Ranorex DEVELOPER PREMIUM license. Machine name: CANDES-5358
We are facing the below major issues and due to this we are unable to automate the test cases properly.
Please suggest solution and if possible please arrange a webex or the webinar session arranged to discuss the issue.
Your help will really be appreciated.

Below are the Queries:
1. How to handle an unexpected popup which can come in a mobile application for ex. We get data connection issue when WiFi get disconnected.
2. There are certain instances when the recorded script is unable to identify the objects which were perfectly identifiable previously. How can we be able to get into the details on what is causing the scripts to fail.
3. When we are executing the test cases on multiple devices sequentially, Ranorex blocks the test case on second device if the test case run on first device fails. We need that the Ranorex should execute the test case on second device also and give proper results. Is that possible? If yes please suggest the solution for the same.
4. Although we have valid Developer premium licence still our Runtime Licence is not working and is giving the error as: “A Valid Developer Premium licence is required for Ranorex Application”. Our machine with Runtime licence is unable to connect with Developer Premium licence machine.
5. Getting the below warning while executing the test case we recorded, Please suggest how to overcome this issue.
The automating process does not have the required security permissions to access the process 'Ranorex.ReportViewer'. UI element identification capabilities for controls in that process are limited.
6. We are Automating a Native Mobile Android Application. How can we be able to use Ranorex Spy on the same to identify the objects in the application.
7. We are trying to install .apk file on the two android devices S3 and Huawei. Both the devices have the factory version of the application and are non-rooted. The .apk file is not getting deployed on S3 while Ranorex Tool shows deployment successful message. For Huawei we are able to install the build and it is working perfectly fine. Can you please look into the issue so that we can be able to automate on S3.

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Re: Request for the Webex session to resolve Queries

Post by Support Team » Tue Sep 10, 2013 4:57 pm


I have seen that you have written an email with the same questions to us as well.
You should have received the response today.