Retrieve automatically test case parameters and test cases

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Retrieve automatically test case parameters and test cases

Post by bygones » Fri Dec 18, 2015 11:11 am


sorry for the title, I couldn't come up with a better one :(

I'm trying to setup a automated pipeline between Ranorex and our Test Management Tool (TMT).

For the first scenario this is successful (ranorex2TMT.png)
Each test case in Ranorex has as parameter the test case id from the TMT. With this I trigger Ranorex to execute the test and with a small extension in Ranorex, test results are uploaded to TMT.

Now I like to start the execution from the TMT by selecting one or more test cases and then trigger with the test case id from the TMT the corresponding test cases in Ranorex (TMT2Ranorex.png).

So for sure I need a custom script that is called by the TMT and then triggers Ranorex, but how can this script identify the correct test case in Ranorex ?

The only solution I know would be to name the test cases in Ranorex simply with the TMT test case id, but this is not nice at all.

Is there any way to query a test suite and retrieve its test cases and then filter out the one for the right test case id ?

I found the listtestcaseparams option, but I assume this does not give me a mapping from a parameter to a test case ?

Any ideas ?

Thanks for any hints, comments etc
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Re: Retrieve automatically test case parameters and test cases

Post by Martin » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:30 am

I'm not precisely sure about the needs you have and how your solution works but you can look into getting the assigned test cases from the solutions .rxtst file itself.

If you open the file in a text editor you will see that it list all the assigned testcases and modules for your solution with good structure (<testcase name="xxxxx" id="ddsdfos3ipdf"> and <testmodule name="xxxxx" id="fsad33"> etc).

So what you could do is implement some usercode (or if needed you can add the functionality to the TMT) to get the needed values and value instances from the .rxtst file and use the info as needed.