Run tests on VM --> no Report

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Run tests on VM --> no Report

Post by anja » Thu Jan 20, 2011 1:13 pm


I'm facing a big problem at the moment.

We want to test our application under test in a VM. For this we are using VMWare Workstation.

From the host PC I want to trigger the execution of the tests via batch file. The following steps are executed via vmrun:
1.) revert to defined snapshot (ranorex is installed in this snapshot)
2.) start vm image
3.) copy testcode (hole solution folder) to the guest-OS
3.) runProgrammOnGuest with the generated .exe

The execution of the testscript is not the Problem... It works fine and in the console logger the expected report-entries are displayed. The console logger closes but no Ranorex Report file is generated.
If I double-click the .exe, the report is generated.

I tried this with several Ranorex-Projects but everytime it's the same.

Has someone made the same experience or has an idea how to solve this problem?



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Re: Run tests on VM --> no Report

Post by Support Team » Thu Jan 20, 2011 2:42 pm


it looks like the working directory is not set correctly in your batch file.
You simply have to change your working directory before you start the executable in your batch file, then the log file should be generated to the right position.

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