Running from IDE tests pass, from agent tests fail

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Running from IDE tests pass, from agent tests fail

Post by martijndevrieze » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:03 am

We are running tests on a MS Dynamics AX 2012 environment, when we run the tests from within the IDE all objects are recognized and the tests pass. The moment we run the same tests as a simple executabe or as a remote test on a remote windows 10 machine (identical setup config etc as the host machine) objects and entire screens cannot be identified.

It is unclear to me how or why the tests do not pass when just executing the exe, so any suggestions are welcome.
If more info is needed, happy to oblige.

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Re: Running from IDE tests pass, from agent tests fail

Post by odklizec » Wed Oct 21, 2020 9:45 pm


I’m afraid, it’s impossible to tell what’s wrong without seeing, at very least, snapshot (NOT screenshot) of gui, created during both runs (from ide and from cmd line).

Could you please add “Create Snapshot” action to recording of your choice, ideally, just before the typically failing action? Then run the test, both from ide and cmd line a share both snapshots (entire reports).

Also, it would be good to see the xpath behind the failing repo element and exact error you are getting.

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