Running source code instrumented app issue

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Running source code instrumented app issue

Post by lnoy » Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:30 pm

I've been working with Ranorex testing for a while on my IOS (12) app by Ranorex instrumentation wizard (used it for both instrumenting and deploying app's ipa)
Lately I'm trying to perform source code instrumentation, since app instrumentation via wizard does not support wearable app deployment (when I use the instrumentation wizard to intrument & deploy the ipa, wearable app is not deployed on my apple watch).
I followed the ... -code-ios/ manual, built the app and deployed it (only) via instrumentation wizard.
Both the phone and wearable app were deployed, yet I cannot seem to start the app from the RxService app, neither manually nor from Ranorex Studio.
The app itself is deployed on the iPhone and Apple watch devices correctly, and Ranorex spy does manages to identify the apps UI elements (means that source code instrumentation went well), the only thing is that I cannot start the app using automation code via startApp util.

So far the same app build (without RxLib source code dependency) was instrumented and deployed fine (via instrumentation wizard), with the same Ranorex version so I don't believe this is a version issue.
Any suggestion of what might be the problem?

Ranorex lib version - 3.0.2
Ranorex Studio version - 3.0.0
Ranorex serviceApp version - 3.0.0
IOS version - 12.1.2
Xcode version (used for app instrumentation) - 10.1

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Re: Running source code instrumented app issue

Post by McTurtle » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:58 pm

Hi lnoy,

Sorry, I wanted to answer this one some time ago, but I forgot :)
Have you tried adding a launch url in XCode?
Please let me know if it works afterwards.

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