Running tests through CI/CD Process

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Running tests through CI/CD Process

Post by cruzez » Tue Jun 10, 2014 5:47 pm

Hi, I have hit by a major problem

I have tests developed locally, hooked into teamcity to build and release artefacts, a deployment tool (Octopus) will deploy artefacts on dedicated server and runs the tests.

I have managed to get all these no problem works perfect like a charm only when I logged into server and watch tests running or Keep a dedicated monitor open

Big Problem, I can't let it run itself moment you logout, you hit by endless problems none of the tests will run :(
I have seen this blog ... norex.html

But situation is quite different here. I am sure many people must have managed to get Automation as pure autiomation through CI process and tools jenkins,teamcity hudson etc.

Can somebody guide me if I have missed anything here?

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Re: Running tests through CI/CD Process

Post by krstcs » Tue Jun 10, 2014 7:19 pm

I run all of my tests through Jenkins and it works wonderfully, but...

The situation is this: Ranorex MUST have a realized desktop in order to work correctly and identify elements.

Therefore, a user must be logged in to the test system, the screen must NOT be locked, and the desktop must be viewable from a monitor, remote desktop session, etc. (i.e. REALIZED).

This is a security issue with Windows and there is no way for Ranorex to get around it.

What I do is, I have a QA server (running Jenkins, test DB, Ranorex License server, file server, etc.) the I have a RANOREX user on. I log into that RANOREX user through RDP. Then, from that server login, I log into each of my test systems through RDP. I can then DISCONNECT (NOT LOGOUT) from the server RDP session and the RDP sessions to the test systems will stay open.

You can have a monitor on the server and an account that stays logged in for RDP to the test systems as well, or you can have a KVM switch that connects the monitor/keyboard/mouse to each test system.

But, in some way, shape or form, there MUST be a desktop for Ranorex to interact with our your tests will fail. This is a requirement for any and all Functional UI test automation systems on Windows.
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