Scenerio Example for e-commerce website

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Scenerio Example for e-commerce website

Post by recyclebin » Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:52 pm

Hi everybody ,

im fresh graduate and new on software testing. I start to use ranorex and loved it so much,

my problem is for a online e-commerce website, what could be 3 scenerios to functional test ?

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Re: Scenerio Example for e-commerce website

Post by krstcs » Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:12 pm

It would probably be better to ask the product owner what they think the most important business case is.

At my company we have people who are specifically in charge of deciding what direction to take the website. They are not technical but are in advertising. They are the ones I ask about what the priorities are for functionality.

Most likely the purchase cases will be the most important, but you also have login/logout which usually happens before purchase so you could start there. And you have general or product navigation, either of which function would also need to be done before the actual purchase.
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Re: Scenerio Example for e-commerce website

Post by keith » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:26 pm

I guess it would be a bit out of context to ask WHAT to test in this forum. Basically you need to learn what it takes to be a good tester. Tools like Ranorex might be able to help you but they are just tools they are not testing. Automation or Checking is really just a subset of testing. Determining what to test is what professional software testers do.
For some light reading you can take a look at the heuristic test strategy model This might give you some ideas on what you could be testing.
To be a good tester, you need to learn how to do that. As a start, I would recommend Cem Kaner's black box testing series. or take the course from the Association for Software Testing AST. If you ever have a chance, take the Rapid Software Testing by James Bach/Michael Bolton. It's excellent. Attend conferences and start reading the blogs of respected testers like or and follow on twitter.

To answer your specific questions, I am sure the idea of your application came from somewhere. If there are no requirements at all then you are left to your own devices to develop some good testing scenarios. Try this for a read ... But if it is something like eCommerce, there are some obvious scenarios. Browsing flow, Buying flow, Checkout flow etc. ECommerce is not a new area and you can take a look at other things that already exist out the big wide world too. You can get ideas from similar software too. Try ... E-commerce to see some example ideas.
In short....
1. Learn how to be a good tester.
2. Continue learning.
3. Use tools wisely (like Ranorex).
4. Rinse and Repeat.

I also can't end this post without asking. Why 3?