Scripts running on wrong iPad if setup on two machines

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Scripts running on wrong iPad if setup on two machines

Post by wrodriguez » Tue Jun 30, 2015 3:42 pm

1. I have one machine I have iPad 1 and iPad 2 in settings and run locally some of the scripts against to test against versions.
2. I have a CI machine (jenkins node) that has both iPad 1 and iPad 2 saved in settings (devices tab).

So Smoke test will run against iPad 1 from jenkins node this works correctly,
we are using cmd line to tell it what iPAD we want to run it on , which is iPad 1

now if i open up iPad 2 to script locally and i happen to be on the same page of application , sometimes it will
run some of the scripts on iPad 2. even though we have cmd line to point to iPAD1. I fixed the issue by removing iPad 2 from settings on the Ci Machine. has anyone else noticed this and have a better answer I would like to keep iPad 2 on settings in case we wanted to fully use it in CI.

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Re: Scripts running on wrong iPad if setup on two machines

Post by tvu » Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:17 am

I believe the device settings are stored locally on each machine so they shouldn't interfere with each other. I even had one device connected via WiFi and have two machines see the one device at the same time. I didn't run two scripts simultaneously, but I can see that both instances of Ranorex Studio could connect to the device under the Device tab.

Did you setup a global variable to distinguish between the two devices? I added a variable name in my base item that specify which device I want to run the script on. Then I set a global variable and bind it. I pass in a value for the variable when I run my test via the command line. If I want to run my scripts on a different device in Ranorex Studio, all I do is change the value of the global variable.

Here's a page that describes it: ... evice.html

Hope that helps,