Similar UI element names with different Ranorex paths

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Similar UI element names with different Ranorex paths

Post by erik » Wed Sep 13, 2017 6:54 am


I have 2 UI elements (i.e. button) from 2 separate screens.
These elements have the same element name, let's say Button1.
They belong to 2 separate screens(Screen A and B) and their Ranorex paths(Path1 and 2) are also different from one another.
However, they are treated as the same item when I try to place them both on the item repository.

I performed a Mouse Click action to Button1 of Screen A on Recording Module A and
also performed the same Mouse Click to Button1 of Screen B on Recording Module B.
When I execute Module B however, an error occurs since it could not locate Button1.

Is there a way to work over this?
Still new to Ranorex and would appreciate it if anyone could help me on this.

Thank you.


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Re: Similar UI element names with different Ranorex paths

Post by odklizec » Wed Sep 13, 2017 7:04 am

Hi Erik,

Could you please upload a Ranorex snapshot (not screenshot!) for both buttons, xpath recorded in repo and exact error message you are getting?

If I understand you correctly, recorder thinks the button is the same for both screens so it does not create separate repo items? I think you will have to manually enter different xpath for each button. Unfortunately, it's too hard to suggest something reliable without, at very least, snapshot of the problematic element.
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