SliverLight5 and Telerik in IE 7.0 crashes

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SliverLight5 and Telerik in IE 7.0 crashes

Post by prashanth80 » Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:33 am

Hi there,
I’m currently performing a POC on web application which has been primarily designed on below 2 technologies
- Silverlight 5
- Telerik
The Ranorex automation tool (Trial version: .Net Runtime Version:4.0.30319.269) works fine with these technologies where in I could deliver my POC. But when I tried performing parameterization for a test case, I find that for the 1st run, the automation tool is able run without any issues, but the problem arises when the same scrip is running for 2nd time and it unable proceed after few steps. The few steps I mean is as below
Step1: Navigate RAD Menu scroller
Step2: Navigate to the frame after the page is loaded based on the option selected from the above step.
Step3: Click on a button which will result in invoking a popup which will contain 2 combo-boxes where the script has to select values and proceed further.
Now all the above steps are performed as expected for 1st run but for the next run it fails. The IE crashes and says it the explorer has encountered some problem and it is asking to send the report to Microsoft.
Now I’m not aware as where can I find the error.

This is blocking me to convince my project team as how important this tool is for automation based on which we can procure the licenses.


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Re: SliverLight5 and Telerik in IE 7.0 crashes

Post by Support Team » Mon Oct 22, 2012 4:37 pm


Are there any entries in the Windows Event Viewer?
Is it possible to get access to the application or a small example to reproduce this issue?
Thank you!

Ranorex Support Team