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Solution vs projects

Post by SQA-SQA » Thu Apr 16, 2009 2:13 pm

Hi, I am evaluating this tool for application test automation within our company. I have a question regarding the solutions - projects concept.

Can I assume that a solution can be interpreted as a Suite ( being a container for several projects ( automated testcases ) ?

In case my assumption is correct, how can I run all the recorded projects in a solution at once ( insteady of going on one by one ? ).
I have selected the first of 3 projects as my startup project ( bold highlighted) , but when I hit the run button, it only runs my startup project, and it disregards the following 2 projects.
Do I need to share some stuff between the 3 projects ( they are 3 independent recorded projects with their own rxrec/rxrep. Do I need to write my own wrapper around the solution to run all the projects ?

Any help is appreciated.


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Post by Support Team » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:45 am


The usual way to structure your solution is to create one project (class library) for each logical group of test cases (e.g. for a single dialog), and then create one or more executable projects (which reference the test projects), for running the tests. (the wrapper you mentioned)

A single test project might contain, for example, a mixture of recordings, repositories, and handwritten test cases which can run on their own (with the right preconditions, e.g. an open dialog).

If you plan to integrate your test with NUnit oder similar tools, this kind of separation also helps.

The executables are then usually run after a daily/nightly build. You can, for example, easily integrate those tests with CruiseControl.NET.

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