Spinner controls and UIAutomationRangeValue

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Spinner controls and UIAutomationRangeValue

Post by wns » Thu Jul 13, 2017 3:23 pm


I have a query regarding spinner controls and UIAutomation, I'm using a Telerik Silverlight RadNumericUpDown control within my silverlight application and I'm trying to get the Maximum and minimum values out of the element. Using the Windows Inspect tool I can see that the control has values such as 'rangeValue.Maximum' and 'RangeValue.Minimum' however the Element gives me a UIAutomationRangeValue adapter which I can read the IsReadOnly and Value properties but can't access the minimum and maximum properties which are within the automation tree shown by the inspect tools but not captured by the Element.

This is a problem and I guess I have to write either a new custom element, adapter or both to be able to output the maximum and minimum properties ? is this possible, can you outline what I should be doing ?

Many thanks

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Re: Spinner controls and UIAutomationRangeValue

Post by odklizec » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:12 am


Please post a Ranorex snapshot (not screenshot) of the element in question. If possible, post also a small sample app featuring the problematic control. But I think the snapshot should be enough for basic element evaluation.
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