Supplied XML is not valid - error

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Supplied XML is not valid - error

Post by christof » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:27 am


I'm just having a problem when adding style information or attribute values to HTML when reporting. Take for example the following line of code, which seems to work fine in some tests and then for a mysterious reason causes an error in others.

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Report.LogHtml(ReportLevel.Info, "INFO", "<b style='color:black'>Set 4 Test G - EXPORT CODES</b>");
If a text with the above is executed then I recieve the following error and the test terminates.

"An unexpected error has occured while loading the log file. Supplied XML ist not valid (file position 421)."
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I have checked and rechecked the permissions of the folder that the file resides in - and all seems okay. Just to reiterate this only occurs randomly on some tests, and all the test projects folders are located in the same parent folder with the same permissions.

If this is a known issue, or if anybody knows of a solution then it would be cool if you could share.



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Re: Supplied XML is not valid - error

Post by Support Team » Thu Sep 09, 2010 11:45 am


Thank you for posting the bug. It seems there is an error when Ranorex try to copy the report to the Report folder. I've submitted a bug to our internal bug tracking tool and the issue should be solved in a future release of Ranorex. Meanwhile you can open the Report manually at the bin/debug folder or just enable the "Show all Files" button in project tree, so you are able to see all the files, including bin folder, where the report is nested.

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