Support for 3rd party controls

Technology specific object identification, supported applications, web technologies, and 3rd party controls.
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Support for 3rd party controls

Post by LeonP » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:05 pm

I have been reviewing the documentation on Ranorex and I am favorably impressed (having used QTP before).
However, one piece of information is missing: What third party controls are supported by Ranorex?. In particular: are adapters available for control by ComponentOne, in particular C1DataGrid.


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Re: Support for 3rd party controls

Post by Ciege » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:17 pm

In theory any 3rd party control that has implemented MSAA should be recognizable directly with Ranorex. If not directly recognizable through MSAA (could be a legacy App) you could also use the GDI plug-in to do some object interaction.
However, all that being said, your best bet is to install the trial and prove to yourself what can and cannot be recognized through Ranorex. It's a free trial and quite easy to quickly determine where you stand right out of the box. Just install Ranorex, run RanorexSpy and point to objects in your AUT. Once you get to that point, further questions will be easier to answer.
Good luck!
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Re: Support for 3rd party controls

Post by Support Team » Wed Dec 08, 2010 10:38 am

LeonP wrote:What third party controls are supported by Ranorex?
There is no list of supported controls, only of supported technologies. We don't have a list of supported controls, since such a list would never be complete (many control vendors, many different versions of each control). People could think that controls not on the list would not be supported at all, which would usually not be true.

In addition, the meaning of "supported" is not very clear. Ranorex is able to automate pretty any technology, however, the number of recognized elements and of available attributes differ for each technology/control. That's why the best way to check if all features you need are supported for your controls is to use the Ranorex 30-day trial period - as Ciege already pointed out.

Another feature of Ranorex is that even if object recognition for an application is not satisfying, there are sometimes ways to get all the data you need from a control. For example, Ranorex provides the Control.InvokeRemotely method for Windows Forms controls that allows to do retrieve pretty much any data you want from a WinForms control. See following blog for more information: ... et-control

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