Test Case Management Integrations

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Test Case Management Integrations

Post by atom » Fri Apr 29, 2011 3:45 pm

Hiya People,

Have a general question about test case / test results management
Was wondering how the ranorex community generally manage the following:

- Mapping manual test cases (from a TCM system e.g. Quality Center) to automated test case .exe's
- Mapping and storing of automated results back in the TCM system

For example say you have a manual tests case in your TCM management system that has Id=4320
You then develop an automated test case solution for it
At this point you need to map the manual test case id to your automation solution

You then run your automated test and output say the ranorex log file and a Pass/Fail/Error status
You then need to store the log file and the result back in the TCM system
This way your automated and manual results are in the same place

Has anyone done such integrations?


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Re: Test Case Management Integrations

Post by sdaly » Sun May 01, 2011 9:48 pm

In QC this is fairly straight forward. When you create a test case in QC, instead of selecting a manual test select the vapi-xp test. Put the manual test steps in the normal steps section and in the script section add vbscript to kick off the test exe passing the name of the test as an argument. When I tried this I had trouble getting the return value from the exe but you can use the vbs instr function to find a string such as TESTPASS or TESTFAIL to determine the result. In test lab then you can easily create test cycles with instances of the tests to run (you can even use this for distributed testing too). If you want to upload the log, you can do so from the test exe using the QC OTA API - see one of my posts for some snippets.

Personally though I hate QC, mainly because of its sluggishness! Therefore in my previous role I steered clear of it and built my own auto test manager which loaded a test exe in and used reflection to display the available tests in a tree. You then selected the tests to run, they were kicked off, the result was stored in an access database and the log and screenshots were archived to a shared drive. There was then a grid which showing the tests and their tests runs which when double clicked loaded the log.