Test case with Additional attributes

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Test case with Additional attributes

Post by Ceaser » Thu Mar 12, 2015 1:41 pm

Hi All,

I would like to know in Ranorex how to find a solution for the following problems addressed below.

Problem Statement 1:

How to map a Ranorex Test with 'Function keys' and 'Test key'?

Let me explain what I meant by "Function Keys" and "Test Keys" below

For each test case, we have 'Function keys' and 'Test Key'.
Test key are the unique identifier for a test case.
Function key is a unique identifier for a requirement
Function keys have a many to one relation with the Test cases
Test Key has one to one relation with the test case

Problem Statement 2:

How to make Ranorex execute all the associated tests by just providing just the required "Function Keys" and "Test Keys" by the User?


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Re: Test case with Additional attributes

Post by RobinHood42 » Fri Mar 13, 2015 10:26 am

Hi Ceaser,

I would suggest going through the User Guide and/or attend one of the free webinars of Ranorex:
http://www.ranorex.com/automated-testin ... binar.html

This will help you to understand the usage and functionality of Ranorex. Also, it is mandatory to understand how Ranorex supposes the setup and structure of your tests. For me it looks like you are trying to reinvent the wheel.