Test Execution in frozen state

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Test Execution in frozen state

Post by matthias_hh » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:10 pm


we regularly execute a Ranorex Test Suite with Test Cases via Command Line Execution out of a script.
The script ist started after starting/Login to the server via Citrix-Session.

Most of the Test Cases get tested as usual, everything is fine.
But we have a few Test Cases (esp. MS Outlook, Power Point), where the Test Execution with the starting action (Mouse Click or Invoke Action "Perform Click") gets to a "frozen state".

It seems, this action does not come to the end, there is no Failure, no Exception, just a Long time (typically some minutes), where there's no Progress. After this break the test goes on au usual.

The RAM or CPU configuration of the Server should not be the problem, but possibly there are other Server issuse causing that problem.
But anyway, maybe some of you made similar experiences and have any ideas or suggestions to fix that problem.

We use Ranorex 9.1 at the moment.

thanks in advance

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Re: Test Execution in frozen state

Post by odklizec » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:17 pm


Well, this kind of issue is occasionally reported by someone. Sadly, there is no known reason of this behavior and therefore, are no exact steps how to fix this problem. Anyway, since you are using on old and obsolete Ranorex version, the first thing you should try is to update it with most recent 9.3.1. And instead of just updating it by replacing old version with new one, try to completely uninstall existing version and only then install new one.

If the problem happens also with new version, your best hope is to contact directly Ranorex support and request remote session, with them. I'm afraid, this problem is not solvable without seeing it and actually debugging it.
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