Test Execution

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Test Execution

Post by NewLearner » Tue Oct 06, 2015 3:51 pm

Hi All,
This is general query on test execution in different environment,
I have 10 test suite(each suite has only one test case) all the 10 test calling a common login function(user code), this login function get test environment details from login.xls file, if i change my login details to Environment1 in login.xls file, then all the 10 test run in Environment1, if i change login details to Environment2 in login,xls then all the test run in environment2, ..so if i run batch run of all 10 test, it wil run on environment which i mentioned in login.xls file...

Now my question is...

If i start my batch run of 10 test in system 1, after i updated my login.xls file has environment1, so all the test will start execute in environment1...

is it possible to run the another batch of same 10 test in different system system 2 for different environment2.?

bcoz if i update the login.xls details to environment2 while batch running in 1st system, then 1st system batch also refereeing to same login.xls, so 1st batch also start run in environment2...

Is there any other framework or way to do batching run?

I'm using ALM/QC to run batch run...since i used login details from login.xls all tests mapped to single file...

pls let me know any suggestion or to overcome this issue...

Thank you....

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Re: Test Execution

Post by Support Team » Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:55 pm

Hi NewLearner,

I’m unfortunately not exactly sure if I got your plan correctly.
Are you running the batch file in parallel on the same machine or on different ones? May I also ask you to describe your scenario and your test structure in more detail?
Thank you in advance,

Markus (S)

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Re: Test Execution

Post by NewLearner » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:46 am

Hi Markus,
i have 10 test, each test has individual test suite, each test suite have only one test case, so 10 test suite is 10 test case..after this i created bat file for each test case, so 10 bat files, example bat file TS_01.bat contain
cd C:\TestScripts\TS_01\TS_01\bin\Debug
TS_01.exe /zr /zrf:Report.rxzlog

so i have 10 bat files like this, i will call these bat files in HP ALM so i will run 10 continuously...so its batch rung

my automation structure,

all 10 test case open my application using loginfunction(), each test case 1st step is usercode to call this loginfunction, this function open login.xls sheet and get user id, password and SUT/AUT/application environment detail(basically url) from login.xls sheet, so whatever i update in login.xls sheet that application details goes to each test cases, example if i update application environment 1 in login,xls sheet and run my batch run of 10 test case, all 10 test case run in application environment 1, bcoz login.xls refer to application environment 1, so each testcase run one by one in application environment 1.

Example Test Execution: I want to run this 10 test cases in different application environments in different computer.

1. Now I update application environment 1 details in login.xls and start my batch run 1 in computer 1..this batch started well and all 10 test cases started executing in application environment 1 one by one.

2. Now I want to run the same set of 10 test cases in another SUT/application environment 2, in different computer...not in same computer bcoz already 1st batching is running in computer 1 in application environment 1

since i want to run same 10 test cases in another application environment 2,s now i updated my application environment 2 details in login.xls sheet, and start 2nd batch in computer 2, computer 2 started another batch run of 10 test cases in application environment 2,

now problem is since all the test cases refer to login.xls, my 1st batch run in computer 1 also started executing test cases in application environment 2 bcoz login.xls has updated to application environment 2.

bcoz all test cases using same loginfunction which refer to login.xls...

Eventhough i use 2 computers and cant run same set of 10 test case in same time in different application environments in different computer..

if you have any idea to solution is struction issue..pls let me know...this is not renorex issue..

Thank you

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Re: Test Execution

Post by odklizec » Sat Oct 10, 2015 10:33 am


If you want to perform your tests on multiple machines at the same time, you need to have multiple configuration xls files. In my opinion, what you need is some kind of continuous integration system, like Jenkins or Bamboo. This should help you with distribution of test files (including configuration xls) across the test machines. I would suggest you to start with Ranorex blog posts about integration of Ranorex with various continuous integration systems...
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