Testing for tablet layouts

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Testing for tablet layouts

Post by seurrep » Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:56 pm

I'm trying to test the layout of my web application on mobile devices and to that end I'd like to be able to change the layout when opening a browser in a test (in Chrome for example I could do this manually from within the developer tools and the icon button labelled 'toggle device toolbar' at the top of the pane which would then let me set the options).

Maybe I haven't been looking for the right thing (maybe it isn't even an option) but it's not clear from what I've found so far how to do this. Is setting the layout like this in a browser (I believe IE has similar options) possible within Ranorex?

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Re: Testing for tablet layouts

Post by Vega » Mon Dec 31, 2018 11:24 pm

Since Ranorex is cross platform, it is also possible to just test your web application on a mobile device using the RxBrowser. However if you want to pseudo test the mobile layout locally from your desktop, you would make the adjustments directly in the browser as you have mentioned (dev tools). However there may be a command line flag for it you can set when launching the browser from Ranorex, so I would definitely look more into Chrome command line flags. Otherwise it is possible to automate the developer tools in Chrome with Ranorex so that you can integrate the configuration of the browser into your test.

Chrome developer tools usually are not recognized by Ranorex out of the box, but with a few flags you should be able to get it working. Give this post a read and it should help:


Hope this helps