Unable to access FarPoint grid

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Unable to access FarPoint grid

Post by sherinjab » Fri Oct 17, 2014 2:37 pm

I'm unable to access the data within the following Farpoint grid
I would like to access the check boxes within the grid and make selections based on various modules and user combinations.I can record and playback using the Ranorex Studio, however that is purely based on co-ordinates.
I can get some data from the AccessibleDescription field using my C# code , however that only gives the selected value and which would be the first row to the top left. So even though I can read the values using the property, it would require me to manually select the cell. My requirement is to make the selections based on the given data. So I tried clicking after using the following code, but didnt give me the expected results

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Ranorex.Unknown grid = form.FindSingle<Ranorex.Unknown>("/form[@controlname='LicenceAssignmentForm']/element[@controlname='fpSpreadLicence']", dur);
            grid.Element.SetAttributeValue("AccessibleDescription", "fpSpreadLicence, Sheet1, Row 0, Column 8, True");
I tried the steps mentioned in a blog about "automation-of-legacy-applications-with-the-gdi-capture-plug-in" , however that gives me only the text data, so not much help with the checkboxes.

I read in another post regarding issues with Farpoint access stating"spy-finds-no-entry-in-the-table" . So seems like no luck trying to access a Farpoint grid control.
I would be interested to know if we have any other ways than the complicated one mentioned in about "enabling-automation-by-adding-accessibility-to-windows-forms-controls"
Any more ideas?

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Re: Unable to access FarPoint grid

Post by Support Team » Mon Oct 20, 2014 3:33 pm

Hello sherinjab,

Unfortunately, there is no additional way in order to access the data or elements.

Short summary of all possible ways to extend accessibility/object recognition: